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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 1, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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ten seconds. i want your thoughts. >> we have a lot of work to do. i want to call out keith ellison. on his website, there's not a veterans section, the people of minnesota fifth district need to take a hard look at him on the ballot next year. charles: gentlemen, thank you for your service. lou dobbs is next. lou: president trump winning a lot of applause from the joint session of congress last night, but as well grudging acknowledgment from even the left that he is now the formidable leader of the nation. in the president'srousing speech, he repeatedly affirmed that his administration will always put america first. >> america must put its own citizens first because only then can we truly make america great again. [applause] . >> my job is not to represent the world. my job is to represent the united states of america. [applause]
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. lou: with us next, the chairman of the house freedom caucus, congressman mark meadows. also tonight, more evidence that the national left-wing media is working as the opposition party. a new studconfirmi coverage is wildly biased. just 3% of their stories about president trump deemed positive. we take that up with republican strategist ed rollins. and the trump rally roars on. today the dow industrials crossed the 21,000 level for the first time in history. just 35 days after the dow blew past 20,000 on optimism about the trump agenda. since president trump was elected, the stock market has posted roughly $3.2 trillion in paper gains. and it's not just investor confidence. consumer confidence as well at
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a 15-year high. good evening, everybody. president trump today turning from his triumph in the joint session of congress to the important work that now lies before him. implementing his agenda. mr. trump making a brief remark as republicans remain divided on how to repeal and replace obamacare. >> so thank you very much. we're just here to start the process it. begins as of now, and we think we're going to have tremendous success. lou: the president's meeting comes after address well received by even the left-wing national media. a "cbs news" poll of all people, watched the address and they found 76% of their viewers approved of the speech. 82% found it presidential. "new york times" front page headline, before congress, trump urges into trivial
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fights, "times" reporter peter baker and maggie haberman praising the president as he wrote this -- that from the "new york times," and it all began last night with the president walking into the congressional chamber to thunderous applause. [applause] five minutes' worth of applause as he entered and went to the podium. mr. trump delivered a message,
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a call to action on the nation's challenges. >> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is behind us. we just need the courage to share the dreams that fill our hearts. the bravery to express the hopes that share our souls and the confidence to turn those hopes and those dreams into action. from now on, america will be empowered by our aspirations, not burdened by our fears. lou: joining us tonight to discuss the president's pledge to put small thinking behind us and answer whether house republican leadership can do just that when it comes to the repeal and replacement of obamacare. chairman of the house freedom caucus, congressman mark meadows joining us tonight. congressman, great to have you with us. there is some rising concern about the leadership's view of what is acceptable and what
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will make sense for the american people in the repeal of obamacare and right now, that does not mean true and compte repeal of obamacare in the minds of many. your thoughts? >> lou, you're spot on with your analysis. i can tell you that what happens is a partial repeal and a partial replacement is not something that the american people want us to do. in fact, president trump said that he was going to repeal it and replace it, but that doesn't mean keep part of the taxes, doesn't mean do a new tax, it doesn't mean create a new entitlement program. so lou, my concern is that we've got to get this right. the president wants to get it right. he wants to make sure there's a safety net for those people that need it, but the other part of it is we can't do that by raising taxes on the manufacturing workers across the country. lou: and the speaker of the house, once again, it's within
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his control, his power, to bring this into line with the 2015 repeal that you all voted on and that president obama vetoed. why not as so many of your colleagues said why, not just move that legislation and be done with it? >> well, lou, you're right. we voted on something. we passed it in the house. passed it in the senate. sent it to president obama, he vetoed it. why don't we send the same bill to this president, let him sign it. i'm all in favor of putting a replacement plan on the house floor the same day. we're making it not really a replacement. not really a repeal. it just becomes another big government program, and to think that this big government program will replace one that doesn't work, and that this one will worany better is defying
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history. we've got to get it right. hopefully we will. i've been working with our colleagues and chairman brady on ways and means committee to see if it makes fiscal sense for the american people. lou: it wouldn't include taxes on the american people, that wouldn't include income credits. i mean, we go through this, it's really deeply troubling to me, as i watch it, from afar, i will tell you because this president has promised to drain the swamp. it is his agenda that is responsible for the election not only his election, but of so many in the house and so many in the senate and to defy, to defy the american people on this is a very big mistake, it seems to me, for speaker ryan and his leadership and there would be an accounting, and it would be, i think, a very
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damaging to the president. >> well, the president is committed to doing it right. i know i believe him to be a man of his word, and he wants to do it right. we in the house are committed to making sure -- lou: let me be clear, congressman, i'm not talking about him being the architect of that injury. i'm saying that paul ryan is, and i'm saying it as clearly as i can. it's got to stop. >> it certainly is a leadership plan at this point, and what we've got to do, lou, is work very diligently to make sure that we don't have a new tax. here's one of the issues i have with it. it's got a refundable tax credit which means it has a check coming from the federal government that will go to those who make $250,000 a year or a million dollars a year, so they get the same amount as someone who gets $40,000 a year. i don't see that as fair. lou: does that credit go to th individual or go to the insurance company? >> well, that's a good point. and right now the way they're talking about it, it would go
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to the insurance company. however, if there's some left over, it could go to an hsa. lou: that becomes a subsidy as we have now for insurance companies. >> exactly. it's a subsidy by another name. lou: and these games are being played by a leadership that apparently thinks that we are as foolish as the democrats were back in 2009 and 10. we're not. >> well, we're not, and i can tell you that i'm hearing from a lot of people across the country who says what we've got do is repeal it, and you're right, we did it in 2015. we need to do the same thing today. senator rand paul has a good proposal out that that i believe is better than the one we're asked to consider from our leadership, and yet at the same time, perhaps we blend the two, perhaps we find a way to take some of what dr. rand paul has done and work on providing a better safety net. i think we just have to get this right and negotiate.
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but we've got to do it quickly. everything is stacking up, we've got tax reforms. fix the va, make sure the military is there, and we've got to get that done before august. lou: if the leadership of the house is going to continue to be -- try to keep the american people in the dark, play games with tax credits, refundable tax credits, subsidies, no matter what you call them, and at the same time, bring forward a cadillac tax on certain plans, i mean, this is a disaster in the making, and i salute you and your colleagues in the freedom caucus in the republican study group who are trying to make this leadership accountable and to appeal to their nor, if they have any remaining, a do the ght thing here for themselves, for this president and for the country. what do you think the outcome will be? >> well, i think that we'll get a much more conservative bill, and i appreciate your kind remarks and certainly mark
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walker, the chairman of the republican study committee came out, made a bold stand. what we're seeing is there is no consensus today. in order for there to be consensus, we've got to get a real bill that repeals, it replaces it and handle the preexisting conditions, which we're committed to do. lou: congressman mark meadows, as always, thank you for all of you and thanks for being with us tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. president trump vows tougher inenforcement of our immigration laws. >> by finally enforcing immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions and billions of dollars and make our communities safer for everyone. [ applause ] >> that's right. it is america first. the dean of republican strategists, ed rollins, joins me next. and the president keeping
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another campaign promise to restore law and order. the justice department has given up its longstanding opposition to the voter i.d. law of the great state of texas. we take that up with texas attorney general ken paxton here next. stay with us. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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. lou: welcome back. president trump last night breaking from his predecessors when walking about fighting terrorism. >> our obligation is to serve, protect and defend the citizens of the united states. we're also taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical islamic terrorism. [ applause ] >> you may have noticed he enunciated clearly and emphatically that phrase, the president using the phrase radical islamic terrorism, despite reports that his national security adviser h.r. mcmaster urged him not to use the phrase, even reports that jim mattis, his secretary of defense, had urged the same thing. joining us tonight, veteran of ten presidential campaigns, republican strategist, ed rollins, great to have you
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here. >> thank you. lou: and your reaction to the deliberate way in which the president delivered that phrase, naming the enemy. >> i think it's very important. it's what he said all the way through, and obviously, no disrespect to secretary of defense or his national security adviser, but they are advisers and he's the president. he gets to say what he wants to say and believes, that's what he said through the campaign. it's a very emphatic point he's makeig and think he needs to make it. >> the president also, and i concur with you on that. i find it troubling that some of his advisers might be suggesting caution in that. we saw it with george w. bush. it turned out to be a disastrous idea on the part of condoleezza rice and his national security team, president bush's. we saw the same thing with president obama, and 15 years later into this conflict, discussing things like terms of
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reference when talking about radical islamists. it's troubling. >> i think this president was very emphatic last night. his top priority is the u.s. military. the tremendous thing he did for the navy s.e.a.l. owens and his wife. lou: wonderful moment. >> wonderful moment. repeatedly in the course of the night he said if we put the young men and women in combat, we're going to make sure they're equipped. if i was thinking about activity against the u.s., i would be concerned. if i was the u.s. military i'd be very enthused about my new commander in chief. lou: without question, and millions of americans very enthused about our president. he dominated that room. he literally owned the evening. his command, his connection to the audience, and i'm talking about beyond those in the chamber. remarkable.
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that are coming back, and anybody that gives a state of the union speech and gets 70, 80% approval is amazing. the expectations were low, as i said in the show before, this is a very difficult speech to make. he came off with great strength. i had the privilege of following ronald reagan, worked in his first and second campaign. this was a reaganous speech. he's not as smooth or practiced, but the words were there. reagan could have stood up there and read the teleprompter. it was the strength that trump showed they found encouraging. he wasn't as scared again. this is the problem in america, the solutions i want to tackle and together, you want to talk about later, his mission. it was a good speech. lou: as i said on the air, he looked to me to be the most comfortable person in the entire room. he knew what he wanted to say.
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he was prepared and carried it off, i think, terrifically. let's turn to one of the issues that is becoming increasingly troubling, i believe, for this administration and certainly for the house of representatives. talking with mark meadows, the chairman of the freedom caucus. the republican study committee. there is a division in this house because the leadership and the person of speaker ryan is trying to run a game instead of drive an agenda on the part of this president, and it looks like there's going to be real trouble that will result. >> president trump ran on an agenda. paul ryan did not run on an agenda. paul ryan is the man who basically presides over the house of representatives and is the leader, but at the end of the day, it's the president's agenda that senators, republican house members all ran on and he has a right to get what he wants. what they can do is put the fine details to it, but you
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can't come up with alternative agenda. this is going to be such a trademark on republicans. taking obamacare on as our responsibility and better fix it and fix it right and better not have any kaubels how to do it. lou: what is the difference between speaker rye someone that. >> he's talked in the past about other responsibilities. i think in the back of his head he sees himself as a presidential candidate, but i think --. >> are you saying he's sabotaging one president in order to satisfy his ambition? >> no, i'm not saying. that i'm saying he's a creature of the house, and i think that the point in time, we've not it h a president for a period of time, had a short speakership. the role of the speaker is to preside over the house, not make the national policy. lou: is he going come to his senses? >> i assume he.
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>> will if he doesn't? >> there's 218 members that make up a majority in the house, and we have the bigger majority of 218 passed things and the president has to sit down and make sure it's his way or ryan's way. if it's ryan's way, it's probably a disaster. lou: all right, ed rollins, thank you so much. breaking news now, 95 million people along the nation's southeast and the east coast tonight are under threat of severe weather. think about that. 95 million people in the east. that fast moving storm system raking parts of the midwest spawned two dozen tornadoes. three people were killed. the storm continues to move and some of the hardest hit areas outside of chicago and southern missouri, and now it threatens the southeast, the east coast. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is this --
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cast your vote on twitter, we'd like to hear from you. follow me on twitter -- on wall street today, another historic day for stocks. the dow surging 303 points, closing above, that's right, above 21,000 for the first time ever. it was only 35 days ago that the dow crossed through 20,000. the s&p rose 32, the nasdaq up 79. all three major indexes at record highs tonight. volume on the big board, the heaviest of the year, 4.3 billion shares traded. the trump rally picking up steam, markets posting $3.2 trillion in paper gains since the election of president donald trump. snapchat set to make trading debut tomorrow, $17 a share.
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snap valued at 24 billion make together second biggest ipo since alibaba in 2014. just a few years ago that facebook made a very generous offer to snap, offering $3 billion for the company. i'll bet there are a lot of folks over there at snap who are absolutely thrilled that they turned that offer down. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, the president last night delivered a message of unity. >> for all americans, this is our vision. this is our mission, but we can only get there together. we are one people with one destiny. lou: just what made this such a remarkable speech? that's the subject of my commentary here next. and a mysterious fireball sparking lots of talk and chatter about an unidentified flying object. what was it? space junk? a meteorite?
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. lou: a few thoughts now on president trump's first address to congress, his message of both unity and resolute determination to make america great again. >> a new national pride is sweeping, placing impossible dreams firmly within our grasp. democrats and republicans should get together and unite for the good of our country and for the good of the american people. [ applause ] >> president trump's address widely praised, in fact a "cbs news" poll, yes, that cbs, chose 76% of americans who watched the president's address approve. by the same margin they declared the speech to be
7:30 pm
positive. the majority of viewers also describing mr. trump's speech as presidential, unifying, inspiring, and they're right. he delivered a stem winder, inspiring speech, powerful, inspiring and commanding, i believe that was in part because president trump talks about all americans. american people about whom he cares greatly. unlike his predecessor, president trump lks out we, the people. e president used the word we more than 110 times in last night's speech, and when you include our and us, the total rises to more than 220 instances of first person plural mentions. president trump made only 50 mentions of himself. in comparison, president obama in his first address to a joint session of congress in 2009
7:31 pm
referred to himself 84 times and first person plurals weren't ever overused by mr. obama. last night was a remarkable evening for the president and not even the petty left who couldn't rise from their seats couldn't say they were surprised by his performance. they understand and fear this president's capacity and his determination, and there increasingly diminished political fate. our quotation of the evening, this one from, appropriately, president donald trump who said -- and last night another new twist of fate, and a brighter fate for this president and this country. we're coming right back. president trump pushing ahead with his plan for extreme vetting. >> that is why my administration has been working on improved vetting procedures
7:32 pm
and we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep those out who will do us harm. [ applause ] >> texas was among the first states to throw support behind the president's original executive order. attorney general ken paxton joins me here next. and this wild high-speed chase ends in an extraordinary fashion. incredible video straight ahead after these quick messages. we'll be right back after them. stay with us. four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now.
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. lou: my next guest says president trump's immigration plans will lead to a huge benefit for the state of texas. he was the first to go to the aid of the trump administration in its legal fight over president trump's original extreme vetting executive order. joining us tonight, texas attorney general ken paxton. he's also fighting to defend the state of texas voter i.d. law, and we have just this week learned that the trump administration and the justice department will not be opposing the texas voter i.d. law. attorney general, great to have you with us. let's first deal with the voter i.d. law and the justice department withdrawing its opposition. how important and what do you expect now? >> first of all, great to see you in d.c. before the state of the union yesterday, and
7:37 pm
absolutely important, we are very encouraged that the department of justice stepped out of this and dealing with private plaintiffs. we feel our voter i.d. law was that.ed to prevent law, we're lou: there were arguments yesterday in texas on the 2011 texas voter i.d. law. what do you expect to come of that? >> well, the argument is over whether or not photo i.d. has some discriminatory purposes. you know photo i.d. is required in all kinds of places, required at the airport, hotels, it was required when i went to argue the case in the fifth district. we will continue to make our arguments in district court, fifth circuit, maybe higher. we're looking to the opportunity to continue to argue our side. lou: and the house in texas, that's where the sanctuary, the bill opposing sanctuary cities rests. what is your anticipation as
7:38 pm
that bill moves through the house? >> i expect it's obviously passed out of the senate. i expect the same thing in the house. that bill is designed to basically defund cities and municipalities that are providing sanctuary cities and providing some type of penalties for officials who don't follow the law, who maybe are ignoring federal law and not turning over illegals who are here, who are criminal, we'll see what happens. it has a little ways to go. i'm encouraged by how fast it got out of the senate. lou: and you've got to be encouraged by this administration's view of things, and its approach, compared to the previous administration. is it making your life considerably easier? >> you know what? it's night and day for us. we had a lawsuit over the syrian refugee problem because we were getting refugees from countries we were concerned about. we knew nothing about them. no vetting. the administration wouldn't tell us.
7:39 pm
now we have a new administration willing to defend and protect the citizens of my state. it is night and day for us. we're excited about the new administration, excited about the fact we're willing to put the safety of our citizens first. i couldn't tell you how pleased we are. lou: attorney general ken paxton, good to have you with us. >> hey, thank you for having me. appreciate it. lou: please roll the video. a wild police chase for you tonight in louisiana, it ended with this -- look at that. that car goes airborne. that's quite remarkable, i would say. the driver of the stolen pickup truck drove into a ditch and catapulted into the air. he crashes onto the roof of an occupied car as well and miraculously no one was hurt and, of course, he was running from the law, as they say. up next, president trump says he's putting the safety and security of america first. >> we cannot allow a beach head
7:40 pm
of terrorism to form inside of america. we cannot allow our country to be a sanctuary for terrorists. lou: stay with us, we'll be right back with much more. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be with customer contracts, agreements to lease a space or protecting your work. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you, every step of the way. so you can focus on what you do and we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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. lou: an extraordinary moment at last night's joint session of congress. president trump delivering a heartfelt message to the widow of navy s.e.a.l. ryan owens who was killed in a raid in yemen in january. >> ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy. ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. thank you. [ applause ] >> that applause lasted for more than two minutes. an extraordinary moment, and joining us tonight is senior vice president for policy and programs at the center for security policy. fred, good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: that moment, a moment really to be shared with all of
7:45 pm
the warriors and the heroes who have fallen in service to this nation, but it really was a wonderful moment, and a reminder that the choices that are being made in washington, d.c. right now, on foreign policy and this nation's interests and the deployment of our military has consequences. your thoughts as you listen to the president last night name the enemy radical islamists, radical islamic terror. he had been counselled and advised by some of his national security team not to name the enemy. >> i think that's right. you know what we saw last night, lou? confidence and principled. he went past the negative and fake news stories we've been seeing for week. frankly, i think a lot of the american people were surprised, inundated with the nonsense about disarray and the
7:46 pm
president's backing away from principles, of course, there's the "new york times" story that general mcmaster says we're not going to use the term radical islamic terrorism. i think that was fake news, i'm not going to believe it until i hear it from mcmaster. the president put that to rest. this is his policy and he's not backing away from it. lou: hope that's not true, we have seen the case with two administrations that have failed in the war against radical islamist terror, in part because they didn't have the principle to name the enemy and use the american people in their view of the people's incapacity to comprehend not to hear the name which is bad judgment on the part of warriors who mean to kill the enemy. >> my view is mcmaster would
7:47 pm
not have taken the job as national security adviser if he was not going to completely implement the president's national security policy, and i think whatever mcmaster's private views are, we know where the president is. we know what his administration is going to do. lou: yes, and it's -- i have to tell you, i take heart from the fact this president, it's been my belief throughout that he is a man of principle and courage, as well as remarkable vision and ability to. see it unfold before the american people in the speech last night and leave the left gasping, this is the man they fear so much because they know what he's capable of and reduce the left considerably, diminish them even further as they diminish themselves as well? >> americans know we are less safe because of president obama. they know what has happened in europe.
7:48 pm
they know radical islamist terrorist groups want to penetrate our country through immigration, and they want a president to do something about it. mr. trump cut through the immediate distortions and put forward a very coherent case for this last night. lou: and your judgment now about as dan coats is about to move into the confirmation process, a vote awaits him which he is expected to win by relatively handy margin, your view about his capability and what you will expect in the way of a different indirection of our intelligence community? >> i like senator coats. he's a great addition. frankly in my view, coats' job is to disassemble the office of director of national intelligence which is incredible bureaucracy that made it much more bureaucratic, much more risk averse, i believe that's where the president is. i hope that was explained to senator coats before he took the job.
7:49 pm
his job is to take apart the dni. lou: with that, we have to call it on time, and like you i certainly hope that dan coats has been briefed if that indeed is the president's wish, fred, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. lou: roll the video now. mysterious fireball, this one streaking through the sky in tasmania. residents there saying they saw a ufo, but they couldn't have been, well, too well informed and perhaps overexcited, and your eyes may be lying to you. the australian government said the object was actually an aircraft that was caught in the light of the sun, the rising sun, and that's what you're seeing. now do you believe your lying eyes, or the australian physicists?
7:50 pm
i will reserve for a little while. president trump reiterating he will build that wall. >> for that reason, we'll soon begin the construction of a great, great wall along our southern border. [cheers and applause] . lou: well, the contracts haven't been left but a mexican company reportedly stepped forward volunteering to provide the cement for that wall. we'll take that up with daniel horowitz and rachel campos duffy next. and a programming note, i'll join bill o'reilly on o'reilly factor. we're talking about the need to tackle the massive debt and overcome the huge massive deficits. join us on 8:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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lou: a new study finds only 3% of the nbc, cbs coverage of the president is positive. that from a research firm that analyzes hundreds of muse reports. the "new york times" wasn't part
7:55 pm
of this study but i don't know if that 3% would have moved higher or lower. daniel, great to have you with us. 3%. fake news, and the presidentcal. rachael, what do you make of it. >> i don't think we needed the poll to figure out only 3% of the news coming out of nbc, abc within cbs is positive for trump. they just don't want him to be able to go over the heads of their 2% to 3% of positive reporting.
7:56 pm
so he has to continue to use twitter. lou: do you agree, daniel? >> absolutely. the media is who they are. they are incouragably against conservatives and against trump. but for trump not to become his own worst enemy and follow the media into the rabbit hole. that is a way to get his views up into the conscience of the american people and speak above the rain core of the media. lou: some ranr in the house of representatives within the republican leadershi where are we head with the repeal of obamacare and why has
7:57 pm
something they did in 2015 been such a difficult judgment for speaker ryan, the leadership and a contentious and upset conference? >> i have a husband who minneapolis that conference. there is a lot more unity than i think is being reported on obamacare. they want to repeel it and replace it. there have been four elections where that was decided. believe me, the people who voted for them in november will come to the town halls and they will be with pitchforks if this doesn't happen. i think they are losing solely because they don't want to make it mistake the obama administration made. >> let's talk about contentiousness and division. i'm not making this up. this isn't fake news. i'm talking about a 170-fern republican study committee.
7:58 pm
a 30-person news freedom caucus group. there is no majority within the republican conference for repeal by speaker ryan. >> obviously there will be differences. there were several plans that came before. lou: what about the plan that was sent to president obama and vetoed? and the president of the united states has his own agenda which might be considered somewhat sousome soup -- might beconsid d considered sou kupra ryan -- sua ryan.
7:59 pm
>> the house members make the senate republicans look like james madison. they don't understand free markets. the official position of the chamber of commerce since 2012 has been to fix, not repeal obamacare. they don't understand the worst parts of obamacare are the insolvent regulations. until you get rid of them and pursue lowering costs rather than this economic bean count of coverage numbers, we are never going to get this right. the way to cover more people is to lower costs. lou: with that we are out of time. i thank you both. daniel horowitz and rachael campos duffy. come back soon, both of you. enjoy talking with you. lou: tomorrow night the man who
8:00 pm
was a deputy campaign manager for one president trump joins us. the newest fox news contributor. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: tonight president trump delivers an agenda and the message is national unity, but sulking democrats are crying foul. a new travel ban expected any day. but will the new executi order see you excellence critics or will it end up back in the courts? the obamas are getting paid how much for their book deal? grab a pen. it's time to right the wrong. did you watch the pivotal presidential speech? democrats were expecting sheky green and david duke.


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